September 24, 2023


Everyone wants a business

The Characteristics of an Effective Business Card

Whether you design your own business card or you have a professional do it, there are several attributes that it should have in order for it to work effectively for you. Your business card is the simplest form of representation for you and you want it to look nice but also illustrate who you are or who your company is. This can go a long way in convincing someone to take you seriously and want to be in touch with you.

The first thing you need to take into account is the colors you use. You want your business card to stand out, so black and white won’t do. It may save you money during the printing process but in the long run, you won’t have an attractive business card that will catch someone’s attention. Having vibrant colors or at least a two tone card will be noticed by people and will have a better effect on their willingness to contact you in the future.

The next attribute is the shape of the card. Standard business cards all have the same boring rectangular shape and normal size. Be different by standing out and utilizing one of the many specialty business card makers who offer different sized cards and rounded corners. Any way you can set yourself apart from others, try to do it since you’ll be noticed a lot quicker by the people you’re trying to target.

Finally, organizing your information in a structured way and using a readable font is key to having people understand your message and be able to contact you. If you’re using a font that is too busy or hard to read and your information is all over the place on the card, the recipient of your card will be turned off and there is probably a good chance he or she might not contact you. You’re trying to win over that person partially through the look and feel of your card, so design something that draws the person in, not something that drives them away.