May 25, 2024


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The Benefits of Effective B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a systematic process by which a competent third party service provider offers its resources with regards to the production of a good/s and/or the rendering of services. The main goal of this undertaking is to provide expertise in a particular function needed in a certain business when a firm/client cannot do it on its own. Outsourcing was officially introduced as a business strategy in 1989 but its origins started after World War II with the goal of helping war stricken countries in Europe and Asia. It has helped economies recover after the war and has been proven to be of great use and help in today’s economy.

One of the many forms of business process outsourcing (BPO) is the outsourcing of business-to-business (B2B) lead generation services through telemarketing. Needless to say, most companies in Singapore are obliged to generate new prospects, also known as sales leads, aside from their task of maintaining high level of customer retention. However, not all Singaporean companies are able to succeed in this marketing function. This is the reality faced by some business organizations in the country, particularly those small-and-medium businesses (SMBs), and the neophytes.

It would be foolish for a company to ignore this huge handicap. The inability to generate sales leads results to poor sales performance. In order to empower B2B lead generation in Singapore, it is for their best interests to partner with the right telemarketing service provider.

Effective outsourcing is purely centered on achieving a company’s business goals. Telemarketing service providers are not just thinking of their own revenue from professional fees after a program ends, but also of helping a Singaporean company uplift its output by giving high quality appointments. Through this, a telemarketing firm serves as a helpmate supporting another business entity achieve growth.
There are five major benefits of effective outsourcing, excluding those mentioned earlier. What are these and how can a Singaporean firm reap rewards from them? The subsequent statements will reveal.

• Save money, time and opportunities.
Three of the most important resources in business are money, time and opportunities. The fact that outsourcing B2B lead generation services can save all of these three shocks my socks off. But, how does outsourcing do this? Well, that is not anymore a mystery but a delight enjoyed by some firms globally, including those in Singapore.

Primarily, lead generation done by telemarketing service providers tremendously reduces costs. This is the main reason why many companies are eager to outsource a part of their functions. Since lead generation will not be troubling companies in Singapore if they opt to outsource, then all the costs associated to this activity are also eliminated. Only the relatively inexpensive labor of the service providers are paid for the whole duration of the contract.

Another thing is that it saves a lot of time. Without the telemarketing function on the shoulders of the marketing department, then more time will be dedicated to equally important responsibilities.

On the other hand, opportunities that may be lost when a Singaporean firm is incapacitated to perform well in lead generation are also redeemed when telemarketing specialists handle the job well.

• Improve internal operations.
With more time to spare, firms in Singapore can focus on their core competencies, improving employee productivity and strengthening internal operations.

• Obtain more qualified sales leads.
Access to the skills of professional telemarketers, advance technology and best methodologies results to certainty that sales leads are qualified increasing sales conversion ratio.

• Faster sales cycle.
Since B2B lead generation is what they do best, outsourcers reward their clients with a fast sales cycle. This speed is, of course, partnered with accuracy, which assures that every appointment is one step closer to revenue realization.

• Gain competitive advantage.
Outsourcing fights the battle of competition for you. With shorter sales cycle and certainty of qualified appointments, there is little doubt that it will put companies in Singapore ahead of the race.

Starting or growing one’s business is not as easy as it seems to be. However, when partnered with an expert in generating new customers, dreams of success and growth can come true.