March 4, 2024


Everyone wants a business

Stay Motivated and Be Effective

As I’ve learned as a stay at home parent who also owns his own home business, it can be tricky to balance your life between work and kids, etc… but by following some very simple tips you can stay motivated and be as effective as possible!

First, you need to get up early!!  As we all know, we only have 24 hours in a day in which we have so much that we want to accomplish–so if you just increase that by a bit, you’ll have more opportunity to get that all done.

Exercise!!  By increasing your heart rate, you’ll have an increased energy and feeling of well-being– You’ll be better able to take on all of your other goals and tasks that you want to get done every day.  Plus, chances are you’ll prolong your life by getting healthy!!

Be sure you have a clear plan written out for your goals both short and long term and refer back to it often to check up on your progress and stay focused.

When working on a long and challenging project (especially when it’s something you’d rather NOT be doing), just think ahead to what you’ll do when you’re finished, and that will likely help you to work faster by looking forward to resting on the hammock, watching a movie with your wife, etc…whatever it is that you’d Really like to be doing.

We all know to “KNOW your WHY”, but be sure to keep a picture of IT in front of your eye–whether that be a Dream board, picture of a new house, new car, missions, more time with your family, travel–keep it in front of you or near by on the wall as a reminder for why you are doing what you’re doing.  Keep yourself EXCITED for what you have to come!

Don’t forget to Sleep!  We’ve all got lots to do and may be tempted to stay up late into the evening night after night to get it all done, but it will catch up to you if you’re not getting enough.  So whether it’s just 6 or a full eight, be sure you are getting what your body needs!  You know how you’re feeling–just be honest with yourself and good to yourself and it will pay off!