July 14, 2024


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Standing Strong In A Storm – How To Deal With Crises Effectively

Standing Strong In A Storm – How To Deal With Crises Effectively

Every business stands the risk of suffering with a crisis at one point or another. There is no plan which can guarantee that a business will never have to deal with a crisis. However, reputation management firms will claim that being prepared for a crisis is the best way to protect the company when a crisis does arise. Here are a few tips that every business must take into consideration to help them deal with a crisis effectively

Monitor Reputation And Activities Of Protagonists

The first thing that every business must do is set up a monitoring system for their reputation. If it has not been set up before the crisis arose it should be done immediately. Setting up a monitoring system helps the business be prepared and notice a potential crisis before it arises. Professionals with reputation management jobs will explain that the monitoring system acts as a potential predictor through which a business can gauge whether a situation can potentially worsen or not.

Develop A Clear And Effective Message

When dealing with a crisis, the eyes of not only the media and customers but the entire world are on the business. The covering the crises are waiting for the moment when the business will slip up so that they can make the most of it. Hence before any sort of interaction takes place with the external forces, it is important for the business to develop a clear and effective message. Doing so will allow the business to formulate a strong strategy which will help them survive the crisis and ensure their survival in the industry.

Select A Spokesman

Professionals with reputation management jobs always advise the business to select a spokesman from within the company. Customers do not like listening to a brand, they would rather hear from people. The spokesman selected must be a respected employee of the business. This would ensure that the customers feel like the crisis is being taken seriously. A well groomed spokesman can be the difference between a business’ survival and ruin.

Admit When Wrong

Most businesses feel that acknowledging their fault would do more harm than good. However, refusing to admit their fault or not appearing remorseful can also do some serious damage to the business’ reputation. For the customers to feel like the business values them, when any crisis occurs causing harm to the customers, the business must take responsibility for it.

For E.g.: Johnson and Johnson’s cyanide laced Tylenol capsules. It was later found out by the company that some of the new Tylenol pills had been secretly laced with cyanide in one of their manufacturing plants. The company responded by calling back its medicine from all over the country and reproduced a new range which had a stronger seal of protection. While the recall of the drugs caused major losses at the time, it reassured the brand’s customers that their safety was crucial for the business. Hence though in the short run Johnson and Johnson may have incurred losses their customers remained loyal.

It is important for every business to hire a reputed reputation management firm. It is their reputation and experience which will guide the business and help them deal with any crisis in an effective manner.