July 14, 2024


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Financial Wisdom Success Tips – A New Beginning, This Time You Can Do It

Financial Wisdom Success Tips – A New Beginning, This Time You Can Do It

Do not regard your financial difficulties and life perplexities as portentous of ill; by so doing you will make them ill; but regard them as prophetic of good, which, indeed, they are. Do not persuade yourself that you can evade them, you cannot. Do not try to run away from them; this is impossible, for wherever you go they will still be there with you but meet them calmly and bravely; confront them with all the dispassion and dignity which you can command; weigh up their proportions; measure their strength; understand them; attack them, and finally vanquish them. Thus will you develop strength and intelligence; thus will you enter one of those byways of blessedness, which are hidden, from the superficial gaze.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably flirted around with New Year’s resolutions. You’ve said, “THIS is the year I’m gonna get my finances in shape. Starting January 1st, no more spending unnecessary money. I’m gonna watch what I spend daily. I may even increase my savings deposits.” What happens? By February 1st (the latest) you’re back on the debt wagon, you’ve been to the ATM a total of twenty-five times and you’ve filed that savings deposit slip in the trash. And you’ve concluded, “Resolutions don’t work for me.” (You’ve got a lot of company on that one)

Maybe you need a better approach. Instead of making a mental resolution, create a Mission Statement. The difference?

A Mission Statement for personal success is:

– a handwritten or typed-out paragraph

– posted someplace you can see it regularly

– committed to memory

– has specific, measurable outcomes

– has a deadline – in this case, December 31st

All of us have a wish list of new things that we want. There are always things we would find and places to spend our money. To diminish financial difficulties and life perplexes, take the time to make a list of these things. Let everyone who shares cost in your home to have input into making and finalizing this list. Write down what you want most. Beside the mission, write how much it will cost. Split it into goals with ongoing costs and the cost per month, and goals with a one-time cost and list the actual total cost (including all hidden fees, taxes, shipping and or other charges that might apply. Now, next to these columns, start to prioritize these missions you would like to accomplish this year.

Do you want to improve your way of life and finances?