April 17, 2024


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Financial Wisdom Success Tips – 9 Wisdom Tips to Include in Your Plans to Building Solid Wealth

Let first things be put first; work before play; duty before enjoyment; and others before self: this is an excellent rule, which cannot lead astray. To make a right beginning is halfway to victory. The athlete who makes a bad start may lose his prize; the merchant who makes a false start may lose his reputation; and the Truth-seeker who makes a wrong start may forgo the crown of Righteousness.

To begin with pure thoughts, sterling rectitude, unselfish purpose, noble aims, and an incorruptible conscience this is to start right; this it is to put first things first, so that all other things will follow in harmonious order, making life simple, beautiful, successful, and peaceful.

What does the successful athlete, merchant and Truth-seeker have in common? First things first are to plan today for what you know will be coming-come hell or high water. Plan smartly for the inevitable.

Here are 9 financial wisdom success tips to include in your plans to building solid wealth.

· Spend less money than you earn each week.

· Create a firm financial budget to encourage saving.

· If you must use credit cards, pay them all down in full each month.

· If you have credit card and other debt at high rates, consider a Money Merge Account to leverage your income and eliminate interest.

· Reward yourself for saving money. Enjoy as your debt shrinks and your investments grow.

· Invest the money you save to earn even more. Having your money work for you is the ultimate key

· Forever increase your financial knowledge. Learn how to manage your finances by reading financial publications and use money management software tools that will help.

· Practice restraint at all times. Always weigh your needs versus wants.

· Start saving money today!

Do you want to improve your way of life and finances?