March 4, 2024


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What Are The Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Server?

Dedicated IP for your redirects with

If you are planning to boost your online presence, there will certainly be a few questions on your mind. One among them would be whether to use a dedicated IP or shared IP server. In this blog, we shall learn what an IP address is, how it is different from web hosting and a dedicated hosting server, and the benefits of using a dedicated IP server. 

IP Address

The Internet Protocol Address, i.e., the IP address, is a virtual representation of the location of your device, server, computer, website, etc., on the Internet. It is a unique number, a string of numbers, that signifies a certain machine that can help you communicate with and access your website. 

Dedicated IP Address

It goes without saying that a Dedicated Web Hosting Server is different from a dedicated IP address or server, but when you purchase a Dedicated Hosting Server package, you receive a dedicated IP address by default.  A dedicated IP server address is a string number that is exclusive to a single device (a server in this case). This IP-dedicated server address is then translated to a domain name for the convenience of the layman’s understanding. 

Benefits of Server-Dedicated IP Address

  • Easy Access

With the help of a dedicated IP address for the server and website, you can remotely access your website without compromising on safety and privacy. Moreover, you can control the access and authority over the resources and data.

  • Simplified Email Deliverability

When your emails are being sent from a dedicated IP, email platforms like Gmail trust you and increase visibility. You are also protected from getting blocked, which may be a probability in shared IPs. So, we can say that the dedicated IP increases the efficiency of email marketing and benefits you in many ways.

  • Looks Professional

With a dedicated IP, your emails look professional and improve your reputation. When you host an online store or an eCommerce website, it becomes easy for you to get labeled as an authentic site. Having a dedicated IP is a sign of professionalism, reliability, and authenticity. 

  • Completes Demands

There are various external scripts, software tools, and programs that demand a dedicated IP. Earlier, integration of SSL certificates required having a dedicated IP address for optimization. Although this is no longer a mandatory requirement, having one is surely beneficial. 

  • Likely Beneficial For SEO

It is not yet proven that having a dedicated IP will benefit you with SEO and increase your rankings, but you can observe the potential it has to be one of the metrics. Most dedicated IPs come from a dedicated server hosting package, and having a dedicated server benefits your SEO. Also, emails sent from dedicated IPs are given priority while the others aren’t. Hence, having the best dedicated server hosting and a dedicated IP address is surely beneficial!


There is something about having a unique identity that attracts reputed and growing websites to turn to a dedicated IP address. Having an exclusive IP address for your server and, consequently, for your website and emails will benefit you immensely.