March 4, 2024


Everyone wants a business

Tips To Financial Empowerment

Money is not root of all evil; rather the lack of money is the root of most evil. Why is life expectancy lower in poor countries? Life expectancy means the number of years you are expected to live under normal circumstances. When you check the life expectancy in different countries you will realize that it is a direct reflection of the economic situation. The circumstance that kill people in underdeveloped countries do not kill easily in developed countries.

Sometimes we should carry more emphasis on curing poverty than caring sickness, because many diseases are cause by poverty. Money is not the root of evil. There are a lot of good things money can do. Money puts good food on your table, clothes on your back, clothes on your children, your spouse, and a good house to live in. Money is a defense. The bible says so

Nothing will take the place of money in the area in which money works. Money is good. It was discovered in the united state that over 50% of divorce cases is a direct result of money problems money does many good things.

We should correct the mind set- that people who have money are evil when you believe that there are good people who have good money, you will be one of them.

Money is neither good nor bad; it is neither in moral nor moral, It is amoral. It is amoral. It takes on the character of the person who has it.

Also settle this in your mind about money: you deserve to be rich. Money is not the exclusive reserve of some people. The fact that you have found it difficult to get it does not mean you are not entitled to it. So don’t knock yourself out or write yourself off, it is important that you keep your self -esteem and call yourself what God has called you. You are not inferior and you deserve to be financially blessed.

There is another mind-set to develop. There is no shortage of money anywhere, shortage is artificial. Some people want to keep their domination over every body and so create artificial scarcity, but know that there is nothing God created that can ever be in short supply. God is a God of abundance and everything he created is in abundance.

He has the potential for everything. If you want something and ask for it, he will give it to you. If he does not have it at that time, He will create it for you. Everything was created in abundance.

There is no shortage of money anywhere. Once you believe there is an abundance of it, you will see it. It is because people do not believe it is in abundance that is why they do not see it.

God wants you to prosper, believe it.

“The spirit of the lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor” Luke4:17.

The first problem Jesus declared He was sent to solve was that of poverty. You should note that. He said His anointing was first to solve the problem of poverty, then sickness and emotional bondage.

It is high on God’s mind that you prosper and be blessed.