February 29, 2024


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PBX Phone Systems For Small and Home Offices

PBX phone systems are a great addition for small and home offices and come without hidden costs. This phone system that is easy to set up and configure, enhances your business communication and business productivity.

Save on the Telecom Expenses

Unlike a conventional communication system, a PBX phone system comes without any additional hardware to hire. This phone system can be integrated with your existing phones. Hence, you need not spend extra money on the repair and maintenance of any extra equipment. Your callers are not charged anything extra, even if they are making long distance calls. In addition, most of the hosted PBX service providers charge only minimum monthly payments for the services they provide.

Unifying Communication

When your small business starts flourishing, you would have to manage different business networks. Your employees might be working in different geographical locations. Equipping each and every department with individual phone lines might be rather expensive. The PBX phone system that functions under a hosted server provides simultaneous multiple call transferring service to various departments. Thereby, it reduces the hassles of handling individual phone lines in your workplace.

Make Your Small Business Appear like a Big Corporate

Yours might be a single or two or more person business. Installing a standard phone system as the ones large business firms use, may improve your business image. A PBX system that functions with all the features of a standard phone system such as auto attendant, call transfer, find me follow me call forwarding, caller ID and more is affordable and convenient for any small and home office structure. The callers will be provided with professional services. They are welcomed with a professional sounding greeting and are directed to the appropriate extension with the aid of auto attendant services. In case the user is unavailable, they can make use of the voicemail, fax to email and other services to contact. These value added features will contribute the image of a flourishing corporate to your business.