June 23, 2024


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Is it worth paying a divorce attorney in Columbus?

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You want to file for divorce in Columbus and are now in two minds about hiring a lawyer. If your spouse agrees to the decision, you don’t need to go down the nasty way and can consider a no-fault divorce. In Ohio, “divorce” and “dissolution of marriage” are not the same things. When the couple decides to file together, it would be a dissolution of marriage, which is another name for a no-fault divorce. The question now is whether you need to hire a divorce attorney in Columbus. We have a few pointers below that may help.

 A DIY divorce can be tricky

That’s the first thing that you need to understand. DIY divorces may sound great on paper, but in real life, you need to consider how the divorce is going to impact other things. If you have minor kids, their custody and child custody could be points of contention with your spouse. Even if your spouse agrees to the dissolution of the marriage, you will need to consider whether the deal is fair. In a DIY divorce, you are alone, and mistakes can have severe consequences.

Your divorce attorney can offer insights

When your emotions are high and you don’t feel great about your spouse, you may have a hard time agreeing to anything at all. In fact, you may go down the way of revenge just because you want to complicate things for the other side. Also, there are finances that need your attention. With a divorce attorney at work, you don’t have to take guesses. Your lawyer will advise you on what is suitable and ideal for given circumstances and will fight for your rights when necessary. Not to forget, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork, which can otherwise become a serious uphill task.

Affording a divorce attorney

Most divorce attorneys in Columbus will take an hourly rate. There could be a retainer fee, which you must pay upfront. What you pay the attorney also depends on the type of divorce you are aiming for – A contested divorce can drag on for months or even years. If you decide to file for dissolution, you and your spouse can fix things and resolve immediate and long-term conflicts, and the divorce attorneys will have nothing but paperwork to finish.

Get an estimate before you work with a lawyer, and look deeply at the expected expenses.