July 14, 2024


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How to locate and verify reliable Chinese suppliers?

<strong>How to locate and verify reliable Chinese suppliers?</strong>
<strong>How to locate and verify reliable Chinese suppliers?</strong>

Online, you locate a Chinese supplier. The company seems to be in good shape. A business opportunity exists that has the potential to really take off. However, there are plenty of fakes, cons, and poor Chinese vendors to be aware of. So how can you be certain that you’re doing business with a reliable, reputable supplier?  Basically, while you’re checking out a possible provider, you’re looking at these two things:

  • Are the things you want to purchase capable of being produced by the supplier?
  • Is the business reputable, legitimate, and not a fraud or a corporation that is about to file for bankruptcy?

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What KRT Inspect does?

  • Utilize search engines and directories of Chinese vendors.

Examine all of the policies (returns, damages, backorders) on Chinese wholesale websites, and ensure sure their contact details and physical address are readily available. KRT Inspect experts will search “[business name] + scam,” “[company name] + dishonest,” and a few variations on Google or Bing to verify the company. Other wholesalers and merchants that had a negative experience with China wholesale suppliers frequently attempt to leave a digital trail about it.

  • Call a number

Most scammers do not give accurate registration information online in order to avoid being identified by law enforcement agencies. For instance, they can give a bogus business address, phone number, or fax number, or they might insist that customers only reach out to them by mobile device.

Call the China supplier’s landline and, while you’re there, request the company registration and business license numbers. If a supplier just provides you with a mobile number and not a landline, an alarm should go out in your head. People can purchase hundreds of mobile phone numbers in China without any restrictions or limitations. This is why mobile phone numbers are almost never used by scammers instead of landlines.

  • Verify business permits

Suppliers from China are required to register with the Chinese government and get a special firm registration number. You shouldn’t do business with a provider if they can’t give you a specific company registration number since doing so is too dangerous. Visit the website of the local administrative government or get in touch with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce to confirm the registration number.

  • Get references

Ask for reference letters from the supplier’s bank to confirm the supplier’s financial creditworthiness. Ask for references from the supplier’s prior clients and don’t be afraid to get in touch with them to verify whether they have a history of creating high-quality goods. Similarly, if you are aware of any other companies in your sector, why not get in touch with them and get recommendations for any Chinese suppliers they may have worked with.