April 17, 2024


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How-To Design Vinyl Banners for Your Cleaning Company

Advertising your cleaning company is a crucial part of growing your business, and visible advertising has proven to be effective. Large banners are ideal for bold advertising that makes an impact. You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a custom banner for your cleaning business. Following a few simple pointers can help to create an advertising banner that looks great and effectively conveys your advertising message.

Know Your Message

The hardest part of designing an advertisement is effectively conveying your message. Know your goal and determine your message before you even start on your design. This helps to ensure your banner design doesn’t divert off track. Whether your cleaning business is trying to announce a promotion or is adding new services, your message should be very simple and direct. Overloading your design with too much information will confuse customers and result in losing your entire message.

Find Your Size

Before design your banner, consider where you want to place it. Whether you are planning on draping across your storefront or hanging it on a fence, you need to measure to find out how large you want it to be. Small indoor banners start at 2’x4′, while larger outdoor banners for storefronts can range from 3’x6′ or larger. The larger the banner, the larger your message, and the more visible your advertisement is.

Create Your Design

As a cleaning company, you are selling a service that may not be necessary for everyone. To effectively market your business, you need to make potential customers feel like it is a necessity if want your house to look amazing. Use professional photographs of a spotless home, or showcase your professional staff and full crew used on large businesses. Emphasize your images with a color scheme that helps your picture stand out, and represents your company image. Clean crisp colors are popular for cleaning companies, like blues, yellow, and purples. The key to any good design is contrast. Text colors that contrast your background will make your message stand out for a visible and readable sign.

Whenever you add your message to your banners, be sure to keep your fonts simple and your message large. Script fonts and intricate text designs are difficult to read and nearly impossible for customers to see from a distance. Use simple, bold fonts like Arial or Helvetica and size your font as large as possible for maximum visibility. Be sure to include the name of cleaning business and contact number or website.


Where you intend on placing your sign has direct impact on the finishing techniques used by the printing company. Standard vinyl banner finishing includes metal grommets (holes) added to each corner of your design, and approximately every 2 feet across the banner. This is acceptable if you are running a short promotion. If your banner will be hanging outside for a long period of time, consider the “outdoor” finishing option. This uses a thicker banner material and re-enforces the grommets. If you plan on place the banner on a banner stand or stakes to emphasize your cleaning business, you would need a pole-pocket finishing for mounting. This creates a pocket on each end of the banner so you can easily slide in a pole for secure mounting. For this option, you will need to know the thickness of the pole to ensure a good fit.

A great message can be lost with a poor, overloaded design. Carefully edit your design so your intended message is clear and visible. Advertising banners are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your cleaning company and create a first impression. Keep your first impressions strong with professional looking vinyl banner designs.