May 18, 2024


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Effective Online Marketing – 3 Super Low Cost Methods For Marketing Your Business

When you’re running any kind of business, the budget often gets depleted by seemingly important things, sometimes overnight. Suddenly there’s nothing left to market with. Since marketing is everything, how do you consistently get your message to your audience without emptying your bank account?

Here are three very effective and low cost ways to get your name “out there” without breaking the bank.

1) Internet Article Marketing

One of the primary ways you can drive traffic to your Web site is position yourself as an expert on your subject. You can do this by writing articles.

Article marketing simply means creating informational articles about a topic that is relevant to your audience, based on your keyword research. You can then submit or post your articles to:

– online article directories,

– your blog,

– related business blogs

– your web sites.

Now, there are two options here: You can write the articles yourself, or hire someone else to write the articles for you (with you as the author.) The second option is good if you are pressed for time, but it will come with a fee, of course.

The hardest part about writing an article is just getting started. There’s also a misconception that you must be a professional writer to do this; you don’t.

You will want to do a little research on tips to writing great articles, but don’t do too much. Remember, you have something to say, and the best way to start is with a few sentences, on your topic. Then formulate some tips by asking yourself questions. For example: “How to Grow the Best Tasting Tomatoes,” or “5 Tips for Growing the Best Tomatoes.”

Start filling in the blanks, and before you know it, you will have your article.

Then, submit your articles to the major directories, at least three. Once you have submitted several articles, you will be considered an authority, and will begin to attract an audience who is interested in your topic. From that point, there is a very good chance they will become leads for your business.

2) Online SEO Press Releases

Online SEO press releases are different from standard press releases. An online SEO press release is written so that keywords are scattered throughout the copy of the release. These press releases are then distributed online, posted on the business Web site, blog, etc., all with the purpose of driving traffic to your Web site and gaining a high position in the search engines.

Write your press release in third person, and submit it to a paid service such as PRWeb, or to various free distribution sites.

There are many “news worthy” things that happen in small businesses. If you are not sure about what to include or how to do it, read other press releases, or you can out-source it.

3) Blogging

Business blogs are extremely important in your marketing. Why? They are the number one way to drive traffic to your Web site — which is traffic that you then have the opportunity to convert into a sale.

One of the reasons that blogs are so successful is because blogs are constantly updated with fresh content and search engines love fresh content. That means you have a higher ranking on the search engines organic side (the left) which you did not have to pay for. Again, use keywords and build your posts around topics that your audience is interested in.

Post to your blog two or three times per week. Add images, videos, video blogging (also called “vlogs.”) Constantly ask yourself how you can help someone else solve their problem. Then write about it.

This will keep visitors (and the search engines) coming back to visit….your goal.

There are other low cost ways to market, but I have found that these three are highly effective and will get you on your way quickly. You can either use any or all, but the key is to be consistent, and you will drive lots of high quality traffic to your site.

And the best part is that it won’t cost you anything except a little time!